Your Custom Spiritual Journey

Unleashing the power inside

You are not alone in this journey, we are here to help each other build their customized experience and achieve the ultimate version of themselves.

Explore different
aspects of life and self

Discover who we are and what the universe expects from us is not easy to understand. We all have this feeling of purpose that lead our actions and each individual decision we take impacts our purpose.

We call it a Journey because in order to get to this purpose, we will face problems, obstacles and we will be discovering new things about ourselves along the way.

We might need to pause, learn from what we have traveled so far and decide what's the path we need to follow, in that way we transform while we travel to our destination: our ultimate purpose.

Our Free Journey
welcome experience

You can try now our exclusive welcome experience . Our focus is to make this inmersive experience for our audience in order to make this journey easy to learn and something fun to do.

Spirituality and
Human Achievement

We truly believe that your achievement is tied to your spirituality, and in order to achieve success you need to understand how things are inside.

We can achieve that with meditation, exploring our emotions and understanding the purpose that the universe has for us.

If you think about it, your success resonates with how we feel inside, and the happier we are the better we work and the most we achieve.

Zodiac Signs defines more than your personality

Zodiac Sign impact our day to day for sure, just think about the Chinese Zodiac: they impact the economy globally depending on the chinese year we are in (they make decisions in investments based on that).

For that reason, why can't we make decisions based on our Zodiac Sign? Not only about our personality, but what if we can adapt our lifes to a "Zodiac Sign" journey? One that divides on small journeys that focus on improving your practical and technical skills, exploits the management of your emotions and more.

We're here to help and guide our audience through that. Our start point is the Zodiac Signs, Spirit Animals and other astrology aspects, but that's just the beggining. We want to guide from there to the ultimate journey and keep improving what we define as our "definitive me", which is the best version of yourself that you can imagine.

Spiritual Journey Stages

Here's a summary of the steps to follow in our program:

  1. Call to adventure
  2. Live with energy
  3. Escape your past
  4. 7 Energy Levels
  5. Discovering guardians, purpose and blockers
  6. Reinvent your identity
  7. Understanding and Learning Techniques to Manage Emotions
  8. Using tools, review results and make decisions
  9. Transformation point
  10. Track your progress and start over

Hero's Journey in Astrology

Your ultimate journey is composed by small journeys. We will explain how to act in each step and what you can expect from each.

7 Energy Levels

Our energy inside can be categorized in 7 different levels that will impact how you feel and act.

There's not any bad energy level, it's just how we feel at that particular moment. We will teach you exclusive techniques using astrology, zodiac signs and spirit animals to reach every level and have a full control of your emotions in determined situations.

Customized Online Workshops

Learn to do the things you have always wanted and ask your questions: birth charts, candles, DIYs and more.

Online Journals

You will also have access to journaling tools that actually track your activity, and you will get monthly reviews to understand more about your personality, goals and emotions.

  • Zodiac Sign Journal
  • Astrolgy Journal
  • Emotion Journal

Exclusive Astrology Community

we noticed that there are not that many communities online for people that loves topics like Zodiac Signs, Spirit Animals and Astrology in general. We decided to create our own community for our audience to share, talk and help each other.

Join Us Today

We have different types of subscription, and right now for a limited time we are offering a presale for each of the subscriptions. This means that you will pay only once and you get access to all services.

This will give you access once we have the product by June of 2022, and you help us grow and get the community ready when we launch. Here are the subscription levels:

Energetic Ascension

$ 12 one-time

ORDINARILY $19 per month

  • Emotional Course
  • Spirit Animals Discovery
  • Early Game Access

Ultimate Awakening

$ 26 one-time

ORDINARILY $35 per month

  • Emotional Course
  • Spirit Animals Discovery
  • Early Game Access
  • Tribe Feature
  • Emotional Journal
  • Custom Manual
  • Workshops Online

Mystic Discovery

$ 49 one-time

ORDINARILY $69 per month

  • Emotional Course
  • Spirit Animals Discovery
  • Early Game Access
  • Tribe Feature
  • Emotional Journal
  • Custom Manual
  • Workshops Online
  • Birth Chart
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Exclusive Videos with Tutorials
  • Q/A Sessions