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Spirit Animal Game Dravalon Online

Clicker and Gacha
Spirit Animal Game Online

Beautiful clicker and gacha game online based on Spirit Animals that you can hatch and grow. Share your Spirits with your friends and evolve as many as you can!

Spirit Animal Gacha Game Creature

Join our idle RPG Game Experience Online

Dravalon available to play in your browser without any download! You will be able to hatch creatures, get cards, play dungeons, buy items, battle with other players and more. Make sure to click other players Spirit Animals and they will click back at your own!

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Online Idle Experience

November 2, 2020
Game News

RPG Dungeon Introduced

November 2, 2020
New Game Spirit Animal Event

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November 2, 2020
Free Gacha Game Story

Best FREE Gacha Game Story

Dravalon has a unique story that is completely related with the game. Start reading it for free, it will explain more than what you think.

Free Gacha Game Story

Explore the DUNGEONS and Get Rewards

There are dark Dungeons where you will defeat the most powerful creatures and complete your quests.

Creatures Spirit Animal


On Dravalon Seek Online the main elements are the creatures, you can find a lot of them in this entirely new adventure. Feel free to check them out in our spirit animal collection.

Hatching Spirit Animal


If you read the story, you know that the creatures are born out of egss. You will need a specific egg for each creature, then since there are a lot of types, we have specific energy that you need to collect depending on the egg you want! For example:

Please check out the store in the next slide (swipe right and left) so that you can see the available store elements. You should be able to find eggs, energy chips and others there soon!


You can find more about the misteries behind Dravalon Seek Online in our World Collection.

Future Features

We are planning on delivering a battle system, an online chat functionality and also share creature which will allow you to share a specific link with your friends so that your creature gets stronger everytime they click them.