About Dravalon Seek Project

Dravalon Seek is an online website that offers to users entertainment through a PWA Game, game guides, blogs and more! You'll find a lot of content related to games, anime, technology and entertainment!

What are we looking for?

We would like to be one of those games that people usually remembers when they get old. That kind of games that you buy a t-shirt to put on because you want the world to know that you really like Dravalon, and that you love playing it. That one is our main goal, for sure we have a lot more, but we will feel like we failed if we don't achieve what we just typed before.

About Me

My name is Cesar Lopez Morales, I'm from Costa Rica but also I'm a .NET Software Developer with 6 years of professional experience (mostly focused on Full Stack Web). I consider myself a passionate, dedicated and a hard worker developer, but also an honest, reliable and self-taught person.

This project is the first I am running by my own and I'm looking towards achieving several objectives with this, in order for me to fulfill my dream and also grow in the personal, administrative and technical area.

Story (Lore)

There's a big lore coming up, we have been trying to write it for you and create videos related. At this moment, you can check the lore here.


Currently it's on the Alpha Version, since we want to hear feedback and we are still developing features. It's our very first project. We published our website on February 5th, 2020 and the idea is to make it a Progressive Web App Game

Social Media

We usually try to upload content as much as we can on our social networks: