Baby Spirit Animals | Understanding the Meaning Behind Each Spirit Animal

Each Human Has a Spirit Animal Related

Even before the baby is born, there's a relationship between the baby spirit animal and the parents spirit animals. This is way stronger when we talk about the bond between the mother and the baby, since there's a huge connection in the mother's womb. For that reason, if you're looking for your baby spirit animal, we will explain how to find it and help understand what's going on in the Spiritual Portal of your child.

Those days in the dawn, of course you will feel tired... Now, have you ever thought about calling your spirit animal? Of course you can do it. Even increase your energy levels and feel like you are not the only one taking care of the baby because somehow you can think about your family spirit animals as a manade and they all take care of each other.

Develop Your Spirit Animal First

All children learns by looking at their parents, how they behave and what they do everyday, and since you can't grab your child spirit animal and make it grow, the only way you can increase that level is by giving a strong lead on the Spiritual Side.

Your Baby Spirit Animal Shape

You may be wondering what animal is the one for my child from day 1? Well, you can't tell. This is because at that moment the spirit is most like a vibration of the actual spirit and it's not defined to be one or the other. You may base on the date they are born, like we do for Zodiac Signs, but remember that discovering the spirit animal is something your child will have to do later on.

Help Your Baby To Be Part of The Spiritual World

Even if you don't know what spirit animal your child has, you can actually help him no matter what animal is. Remember that this growing spirit is faster than your baby body and you must take care of it as well. Here are some tips to help your baby spirit animal:

  • Meditation Music

  • Try Essential Oils At Home

  • Buy Any Stuffed Animal

  • Involve Your Baby in Your Meditation

  • Get a Totem For The Child

Game Lore on PWA

Spirit Animal Totems for Babies

Totem is a really important piece that they can remember even before 4 years old. It is not exactly important what totem you want to give to the child, the importance is that somewhere you can write a letter to the future child so that later on he or she can understand what it means exactly.

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