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Evolution Guide Tool - Digital Tamers Reborn

This is under development, not all digimons will be listed and it's not an oficial digivolution guide yet.

You may see this as the wiki of the all the evos, because we are going to list them all here with the corresponding requirement.

We are incluiding the Special Digivolutions and Joggress

Video Tutorials About the Evolution Guide

Here are a couple of Digimon Videos related to how to use the Tool. Spanish and English:

How To Use The Digivolution Guide Tool

  1. Type the Digimon you're looking for in the box below. Try Agumon for example.
  2. Select an option from the dropdown list or click on search
  3. You should see two tables: one with the previous evolutions and one with the next evolutions
  4. Click on each evolution name to see the details of each.