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Digimon Evolution Guide - Digital Vital Bracelet

A functional tool that will help you get the evolution of the Digimon you want while using the Vital Bracelet. This includes a chart with the stats for the evolutions. All the Pulsemon Evolution Line, and all other Digimon will be listed and should be updated as we get more and more Dim Cards. Each Dim Card has one specific set of Digimons which are detailed in the following video:

In case you need to know which are specific for each Dim Card, here you have all the ones available for the Digital Monster Vital Bracelet with the corresponding Digimon:

Impulse City - Pulsemon Evolution Line
  • Dokimon
  • Bibimon
  • Pulsemon
  • Bulkmon
  • Exermon
  • Namakemon
  • Runnermon
  • Boutmon
  • Shootmon
  • Tempomon
  • Pistmon
  • Kadutimon
  • Shivamon
  • Achillesmon
Ancient Warriors - Veemon Evolution Line
  • Chicomon
  • Chibimon
  • Veemon
  • Veedramon
  • XV-mon
  • Flamedramon
  • Lighdramon
  • AeroVeedramon
  • Paildramon
  • Sagittarimon
  • Dinobeemon
  • GoldVeedramon
  • Digitamamon
  • UlforceVeedramon
  • Imperialdramon DM
  • Magnamon

How To Use The Digivolution Guide Tool

  1. Type the Digimon you're looking for in the box below. Try Agumon for example.
  2. Select an option from the dropdown list or click on search
  3. You should see two tables: one with the previous evolutions and one with the next evolutions
  4. Click on each evolution name to see the details of each.