Spirit Animals

Follow These Steps to Find Your Spirit Animal

We all have this power inside, we need to learn how to find it.

You've made it! Our starting point is to discover your Spirit Animal is your interest in finding it.

Now, to find something you need to know what you're looking for, which is our first step.

1. Learn what a Spirit Animal is

A spirit animal is a spirit inside you that helps you guide and protect yourself in what we call a journey.

They offer skills, traits and insights to our conscious and subconscious and also they carry a message in determined situations that might expand your perspective and take a better decision.

Finally, your Spirit Animal helps you connect you to a higher spiritual level.

For further understanding of the concept, we suggest you read our spirit animal definition section.

Now that we know what it is, our next question is: how can I find it? Well, this time we need to prepare and follow some steps.

2. Techniques and Requirements to find a spirit animal

Once you're aware that spirit animal exists, you need to prepare yourself to actually reach it inside you. Since we are all different there might be steps that are easier for some and harder for others.

Following these techniques the right way, will help you reach the spirit animal energy level we are looking for and then start a bond with it.

Environment Setup

This is a really personal thing, you can use music, candles, aromatherapy or go to a place where you feel connected to the nature, or just a happy place only for you. In this step our main goal is to find a place where we feel completely relaxed, focused and happy.

Technique #1: Meditation

Technique #2: The Chair Technique

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