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Get the Digimon you want and the rewards you want.
Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

Official Evolution Guide

Intuitive guide to follow each evolution tree and requirements. Reach the Digimon you're looking NOW..

Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

Challenges Search

Find the right challenge to unlock: boosters, evolution items, medals and more

Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

Game Updates

Recent news, brand new features, digimon added and details for each patch are here!

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Game Tips

Looking for some help? Here are some game tips that I've been gathering with the community and my personal experience. These will help you for sure!

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Ways Your Digimon Can Die - FAQ

This is a pretty common question, you can find the answer in the video I've made. This and other questions are also answered in our frequently asked questions page