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Before you buy, make sure to check my review and even the videos I linked to each. That way, you can know what quality is it and how it looks.


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Phone Cheap

Beautiful Digivice Airdpod Case Cover

This feel nostalgic...

One incredible item to get if you're a Digimon fan! It looks really nice in many places like your desk, in your bag or just carry it with your keys. It also protects completely your Airpods. Make sure to wear this in case your partner Digimon comes out of it!


  • Digimon symbols around the Digivice have a great quality.
  • Airpods fits really well and the protection is also a good feature.
  • Made of long lasting material.

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Anime Based V-PET

Newest Digimon Adventure 2020 Digivice

A new experience based on the Anime, with a nice looking design for the lights and music. This is one great opportunity to go and try to beat all the enemies that are coming in the series, with several partners that you can evolve! There might be even spoilers and enemies that we have never seen before.


  • Great box design with a unique Agumon in the front.
  • Entertaining gameplay animations, lights and sound.
  • Digimons are based in the 2020 Adventure Anime.
  • Enjoyable adventure by training several Digimons we all love.
  • Requires batteries.

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Decoration Cheap

Digimon Adventure Digivice (All DigiDestined)

A really nice keychain you can add to your collection! If you really like a DigiDestined, you can pick the one you like from the list. The colors are really nice and goes according the pictures. If you're looking for something to fill that empty space in your keys, then carry this amazing Digivice with you.


  • You can buy the color you like according to DigiDestined.
  • Really good material.
  • Small and practical to wear everywhere you go.
Anime Movie Cards included Nice Sounds

Kizuna Digivice (with LCD). Card pack included.

Spectacular interactive Digivice that includes several sounds, like evolutions, dialogues and more. It also contains some small screen animations and amazing lights. Apart from that, it includes some Card boosters for you as well! You might get Agumon, Gatomon or any other that we all love. Don't miss the chance of getting this outstandanding Digivice.


  • Two colors available: Translucid Yellow and White.
  • Has evolution sounds and dialogue between Yamato and Taichi.
  • Butterfly song is included.
  • Amazing material, sound and light.
  • The box is SO BEAUTIFUL you can keep it as decoration.
  • Requires batteries.

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New Digimons V-PET

Digimon Pendulum Z

We all get excited when we see new Digimons, and this particular Digivice offers us several of these! Don't miss this amazing collectible V-Pet, which includes several features from the X Digivices. Make sure to check out the new Sprites for the Digimons and remember to shake your Digivice with the Pendulum feature!


  • Coloring is really nice, for the buttons and the pattern.
  • Three different colors to pick: Purple, Green and Blue.
  • New Digimons included that you might never seen before.
  • Nice sprites for the new Digimons.

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X Digimon V-PET

Digimon Premium LUCEMON X-Evolution Digivice

The most recent manga Digimon X Chronicle is an amazing story for all those that loves X Digimons. In this particular case, we're talking about the X2 Series of Digivices with the powerful Lucemon X. Remember that these versions include a small portion of this manga.


  • Includes Digimon Chronicle X Manga.
  • Has X Antibody Digimons.
  • If you like dark Digimons, this one is for you!
  • X Battle available between Digivices.

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