Challenges That Unlock Items:

This is the list of challenges that will unlock a new item for you in the store:

Un-Lock Evolution
Swapping Sides
The Loser Standing Small
The Winners Takes it All
Dragon Challenge II
Beast Challenge II
Insect/Plant Challenge II
Holy Challenge II
Bird Challenge II
Aquatic Challenge II
Machine Challenge II
Dark Challenge II
The Power Market
Bring the Boost!
Full Protected
Dark Subspecies
Advancing Death
Dragon Challenge III
Beast Challenge III
Insect/Plant Challenge III
Holy Challenge III
Bird Challenge III
Aquatic Challenge III
Machine Challenge III
Dark Challenge III
Breath Data Rewrite
Melee Data Rewrite
Bring me More Boost!
Iron, Steel and Metal
Delaying Death
DNA Fusion
Shift Appareance
The Holy Capital of El Dorado
The Chaos Generals
Super Evolution - Burst Mode!
Warp Madness
Ban-Tyo Attack
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