Every Detail about the Wolf Spirit Animal

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By Cesar Lopez

The Wolf is a spirit animal with special traits towards their family, communication and tenacity. This animal is very social, they are usually in small family groups called packs.

If you think your spirit animal is the wolf, then keep reading to find what it truly means (in dreams, cards, the moon relationship), how to awake it and the personality traits that are related to you.

Family is a gift that last forever.

Wolf Spirit Animal

The Wolf: A symbol of strong family ties

Ancient human cultures have seen the wolf as a symbol of tenacity, ferocity and loyalty. But from all those, the one that represents the wolf is the strong family bond.

Wolves have always been there, living among us, in the forest, but they are always together calling each other and living in packs.

Loyal, tenacity and communication are traits of the Wolf Spirit Animal

As we explained, the wolf as an animal is really social, tied to their group and usually can handle difficult situation by itself or even asking for help to others.

This is also true for the personality of people that has this spirit animal inside. They have strong communication skills, and they are able to understand when they need help to face a specific situation or problem.

Wolf Appearances: What do they mean?

There are many ways that you might feel that the wolf spirit animal inside is calling you:

Wolf Dream Meaning

Here we need to consider three different aspects about the dream: were you afraid of the wolf or was it helping you or was it just something you saw and was not exactly related to the dream?

In dreams the wolf is helping you

This is really easy, this means that the wolf spirit animal is represented in the dream, but its appearance is related to a particular person that you feel close to, is helping you somehow.

You are afraid of the wolf in the dream

Please consider that this is not a bad sign, but this is like when we are afraid of a problem that we know is there. When a wolf spirit animal is angry, might mean that you are ignoring your social instinct, and you should explore what can heal this feeling of being 'alone'.

The wolf is just in the dream

With this you can take two different positions: either your spirit animal is trying to remind you to keep people close to you or that there is a new challenge coming soon that might make you forget how important is to keep people you love close to you.

Native Americans Wolf Concept

Since native american tribes are closely related to animals and nature, they have a particular concept for the Wolf Spirit Animal.

They see the wolf as peers, leaders and as a reference of a family. Also there is an important relationship between wolves and the moon.

Wolf Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of the wolf spirit animal is Cancer. This is because Cancer is one of the most family-oriented zodiac signs, and they care a lot about people they love.

Now, considering Cancer, the wolf spirit animal is also related to the water (element) and the moon as well.

Attitudes from the Zodiac Sign

  • Attitudes

Wolf Spirit Animal Totem

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How to know if the Wolf is my Spirit Animal?

We know understand what are the traits of the wolf, the relationship with the zodiac sign and more, but in order to know if this is our spirit animal, we can use other approaches.

Your interest in Wolf Spirit Animal

Of course, since you're reading this, you have a specific interest in the wolf. That can be our first step to discover, because deep inside you feel a connection or bond with it.

Also when you see a wolf, you really feel a connection or your energy levels increase. You like seeing it in a picture, maybe in your phone background or you like watching images related to wolves.

Your personality must be social oriented

Meditate and ask your inner-self

For any spirit animal inside, we usually recommend meditation. Try

Charge a Wolf Spirit Animal Totem and check how you feel

You might try using the moon to clean a specific object (we recommend a wolf totem), so that you charge it with your energy. As the time goes by, you might feel either the object gets heavier or ligther. If it's ligther, then it might mean that your energy is not compatible with a wolf spirit animal.

Include your Wolf Spirit Animal in Meditations

If you don't have the meditation habit, we strongly recommend that you start doing it. It's healthy and helps you balance your energy. Once you have that, you can start asking yourself if you feel wolf energy or you see a wolf in your meditation routine.

Messages from the howl of your Spirit Animal

When facing situations, you might feel the same as wolves when they howl: either you feel lonely and you want others to pay attention to you. Usually this feeling goes away when you text someone, talk to someone you haven't talked in a while but you love or appreciate.

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