Guided Meditations

Your journey may start at this moment, right now.

Spirit Animals

Learn everything to understand them all.
Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

Resource Center

Get to know every detail of your Spirit Animal with many resources where you can pick helpful information!

Strongest Digimon

Guided Meditations

Meditation is key to find your true Spirit Animal, and you should consider them when starting your day or to connect with your spiritual being!

Strongest Digimon

Spirit Animal Quiz

Find your true Spirit Animal with the easy quizzes that we have available.

Video Games

Your interest in games will be increased by the following:

Ghost Game Vital Bracelet

Digimon Ghost Game

New Digimon is coming to the Vital Bracelet as a Digivice and it will be available in the anime.

Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

BEST Dim Cards for you!

More Dim Cards are available for the Vital Bracelet and we can make your pick easy!

Video Tutorial for Leaders in Tamers Reborn

All Dim Cards

Interested in new Dim Cards or a new Vital Bracelet? Find all Dim Cards with the digimons here!