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White Spirit Animal

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What does white spirit animal mean?

Blue Is one the color that dominates our planeta because it's basically water, and also in our sky. For that reason, it’s a really powerful color and when you activate this chakra, you will feel fresh, full of energy.

White Spirit Animals List

Remember that these are all spirits that have an extra relationship with the White Chakra, but if your spirit animal is not listed here, don’t worry, you can still activate the white as you want. Here’s the list of all the White Spirit Animal:

  • Whale

  • Whale

  • Dog

  • Racoon

  • Raven

  • Pelican

  • Sheep

  • Bear

Stones To Help in Spirit Animal Meditation

The white stones usually help… and there are a lot out there that you can find! Here are some of the ones we suggest when you want to awake your white spirit animal:

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Celestite

  • Aquamarine

  • Kyanite

  • Sodalite

Remember that you should clean them in a specific way: put them on water and then an entire night under the moonlight. You shouldn’t use them before that and also make sure to have them somewhere near that you can remember while meditating, maybe in front of you.

White Spirit Animal Techniques

As a White Spirit Animal user, when you activate the white chakra you should be able to do two different techniques:

  • White Burble

    You imagine there’s a bubble that surrounds you which keeps you fresh, and cleans up everything that;s outside.

  • Rainy Cluster

    Have you ever felt the rain in your skin? That’s the sensation you should try to achieve here in order for you to relax.

When should I use the White Chakra?

There are many things in life that drains our energy, and we have a limited amount per day (even per 10 minutes). As a White Spirit Animal user, you can have an extra tank of energy per day, so basically, whenever you feel like this ‘limited’ energy tank is getting empty, activate this chakra color to increase your energy levels. Mostly situations where you need order, organization, energy, peace. Like when you have s Lot of work ti do, ir you are going tonhave a heavy meeting.

Food to eat that may help

Of course, water, but here’s one quick tip: drink really cold water with a little of sugar. This will help you increase your levels of energy. You can also eat eggs, bananas and no, we don’t want you to drink coffee but if you feel like it will help you, go for it.

Places suggested for meditation

The very best place to do this, is next to the river, a cascade, lake or the sea. Now, if you don’t have anything nearby, of course you can use the blue sky! And during nights, the moon is always related to the sea, so try receiving some moonlight. If there’s no moon at all, then one thing you can do is: do it while/after taking a bath.

Sounds to use while awakening your Blue Spirit Animal

Here are some videos and audios you can use to help you getting to that relaxation point so that you can talk to your spirit animal and awake your White Chakra.

Downside of this Chakra

When you have this activated, you may get too tires with Time, because you Will try to work on everything.

In Dravalon Seek, this chakra is easy to find in the Amerald world, since the energy there reacts really well to this kind of color.

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