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Dates: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

House: House of Balance (7th)

Within a Libran birth chart, we should look at its symbol: a scale that represents balance, harmony and symmetry. Also, Venus is the ruling planet, and it governs the courtship and adoration. This means that when picking Spirit Animals related, we should look for this characteristics. We should also take into account that Air is the element of this zodiac sign.

Based on that, the spirit animal that fits the best for libra is the panda. They have too much in common, like being being symmetrical, cute, adorable. Also, in other cultures the Panda represents the Ying and Yang which is a reference for balance in life and Libra's symbol is scale: a representation of the balance.

List of Spirit Animals that represent Libra

As we said, the key reference to pick Libra's Spirit Animal is the balance. This means that these animals when they are awakened, they help you to feel balanced and peaceful. That might help to recover from destructive feelings like anger, depression and more. Here are the 3 spirit animals that represent Libra:

Name Meaning Personality
Panda Zodiac Panda
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
Butterfly Zodiac Butterfly Transformation and changes are happening now in your life.
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
Jellyfish Zodiac Jellyfish
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer
Spirit Animals for Libra

Healing Crystals and Stones for Libra

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Stones that match with Libra

As you saw in the product above, the following is the list of crystals that have a big synergy and a match energy level with Libra :

  • Rose Quartz
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Clear Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Blue Apatite
  • Black Obsidian

Libra Compabilities


Librans are warm, friendly and charming people. Like scales represented in their sign, they are able to keep balance between extroverted and introverted depending on the situation, which help them a lot to be easy-going when getting to know someone new.

Libra has a Interpersonal Psychology

Perception is really important for these zodiac signs, because they want to be liked by others.

Love and Relationships

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Libra Personality Traits and your Spirit Animal

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Learning the meaning of Libra

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra

Venus Meaning

Libra is ruled by the Air Element

Air Element Meaning

In astrology, the air is a symbol of knowledge, communication and a high comprehension skill. They analyze, probe and unify knowledge, which is why air signs usually have a lot of ideas, achievements and relevant information.