Discover the spiritual meaning of animal dreams (Spirit Animals)

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By Cesar Lopez
Last updated on July 21, 2022

Are spirit animals different from a common dream? Dreaming with animals is associated with several things in a lot of cultures, but when it comes to the spirit, it’s a whole different story.

If you’ve visited this site previously you may know that we have an Online Spirit Animal Game, where in fact we took our time to investigate what’s the secret meaning of this kind of dreams. Dreaming is complex, but based on our investigation, here are 3 main areas that we can focus on:

  • The Animal You Dreamed About
  • The Reason of the Dream
  • Questions Around Your Dream

Dream Meaning Based on the Spirit Animal

One important thing here is that you should write down right after you wake up, the Spirit Animal you remember from your dream.

There are also scenarios where you will dream about several spirit animals, and the way to interpret that scenario is: which one is the spirit you remember the most?

Now, the examples that we will put here are when your dream is peaceful and you felt like it was a good dream.

Below you will find scenarios where you dreamed about a spirit animal but it was a nightmare instead (like a beast following you, an angry spirit or something else).

If you need a further guidance on dream interpretations you can review the Ultimate Guide to Dream Interpretation from a little spark of joy. This will help you to understand even more about dreams in general.

Here are 8 common spirit animals that people dreams about:

Dog Spirit Animal Dream

Dogs are essentially love, loyalty and protection. If you are dreaming about a dog spirit animal, is because there is someone around you that is actually protecting you, that person is also and will always love you no matter what and even if you don’t notice.

Wolf Spirit Animal Dream

A really respectful Spirit Animal, wolves are curiously one of the most searched spirits and people feel like they are wild and awesome. Now, when it comes to dreams, the Spirit Animal Wolf means Intelligence, strong Instincts, and guardianship, for that reason your situation may be that you want to protect somebody that you love or care about, and for that reason you feel empathy with that person.

You may be planning using your 100% how can you help that person and act based on your intuition when you can’t apply your wisdom as you would expect.

Lion Spirit Animal Dream

As you may know, lions usually symbolize courage, power and majesty. The way you see the Lion here is the key here, since it depends on your perspective in the dream.

If you had the Lion right next to you, it means that there are hard times coming for you but your courage will be increased by your spirit animal and the people around you.

On the other hand, if you see the spirit animal as something you are following, it means that you are seeking power but you don’t know where to look, so your Lion is guiding you to power.

Snake Spirit Animal Dream

There’s a lot of history that involves the meaning and interpretation. Many cultures in the past had the snake as one of the key symbols in their religions. Most of the people think that Snakes are bad or scary, and of course there are reasons to agree with that, but when it comes to Spirit Animals and Dreams, we know that Snake means healing, change of energy and key life changing events.

Spider Spirit Animal Dream

This one Is really interesting, not todo many people dream about small Animals. When they do, the are huge and usually not that friendly. It doesn't matter the size, what matters here is the color of the aura that you saw in your dream. We have a deeper explanation about this in our chakra color guide. If you want a general meaning, basically is that you have a problem that you need to solve, and your spirit animal is trying to tell you that it can help.

Questions Abound The Dream

Why do we dream about them?

Dreams are a huge sequence of images that our brain creates while we sleep and most of the people do not have control of what to dream about. One interesting thing about dreams is that they may help you realize something about yourself, your situation or a specific problem that you have and even solve it. Then, why do we dream about spirit animals? Well, basically because our spirits inside want to help us in our journey.

Is it my spirit animal?

Not all the time, let’s say you wanted to travel and decided to camp in a forest, there are a lot of animal spirits in there, so maybe one of them is trying to connect with you. Be careful, not all the spirit animals like human beings and they may also try to scare you.

Can I repeat a dream ?

Of course they can be repeated! And the main reason for it is because there might be a situation in your life that you need to change and if you don’t start doing something about it, your spirit animal will try to help you over and over until you find the solution.

Is there a hidden message?

Usually when you remember a dream, you can analyze what happened and understand something about it. Take it as if it was a simulation, so it does not only apply to Spirit Animal Dreams, it’s about every single dream. We truly believe that dreaming is more than just random images that your brain produces.

I dreamed that something bad happened to me.

Here’s where the situation changes. If you dream that a spirit animal is hurting you, hunting or is being aggressive, be careful, there might be many ways to interpret this:

  • You are hurting yourself
  • You are hurting somebody else with your actions Here the other person spirit animal can react and connect with your own spirit animal (even if you don’t know you have one) and for that reason, it may want to help you understand that you are not doing things the right way, so it’s pretty easy for them to let you know that you should be scared about the actions you’re doing.
  • There’s something that you need to forget or forgive This usually happens when you feel like being hunted, and this may be related to feeling guilty, or like the victim of something that had happened to you.

What should I do with my dreams?

We all have been in that moment where you try to remember a nice dream you had but there's just no way to remember it. Here are 3 advices if you want to learn from your Spirit Animals Dreams:

Dream Diary

Always have a really simple book really near to where you dream (do not use your phone), and start writing what happened in your dream and what you felt during the dream. Then, start writing how you feel right now and what you learned from it (it can be really simple as ‘Today I will try to preserve the environment by not using straws”.

Meditation and find your spirit animal

Meditate, like… All the time you want... Even if you don’t believe in spirit animals, meditation is one of the things that once you start doing it, you start thinking: Why didn't I do it before? If you’re interested on how to meditate and finding your spirit animal or meditating with it, you can check out our guide.

Name your Spirit Animal

As we usually tell our players, Spirit Animals in real life love names, you can treat them as if they were your pets that loves you really much and whenever you call them by their name, they react to it. Fun fact is that no matter what anyone tells you, one of the favorite words of any person is their own name, because when they hear it, something inside triggers.

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