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Free Spirit Animal | Reading, Care and Rescue

Understanding the Spirit Animal in Nature

Disclaimer: This is for people that really loves Spirit Animal and truly believe that they exist or you are wondering if they do exist or not. But if you think that they are not real, this explanation will not make any sense to you.

From really long time ago, human beings have been thinking about the relationship with the nature, like plants, water and animals. In this case, we will be explaining more about Spirit Animals inside and how can you release and free yours, because some of us have it chained or hidden somewhere where they can't help and they are just captive.

To start, you may be looking towards somehow know what your spirit animal is. In fact, we have one quiz that you can check out if you want. But remember that we all have more than one spirit animal inside and that also the only way to really know what your spirit animal is, you should look inside, meditating. Sometimes you think that only closing your eyes is enough, but for example, some people miss to think about where your spirit animal will be and if you imagine a place for it and in fact there's a space for only your spirit animal like next to you in a pillow or something, will help you connecting with your Spirit Animal.

There are two interpretations for this ‘free spirit animal’ term: either to give freedom and know your Spirit Animal inside or you may be looking for Spirit Animals that are free out there and you can actually become its partner. We will be talking here about the Spirit Animals in Nature.

Free Spirit Animal Reading - The Dravalon Story

We have an Online Game that is called Dravalon Seek, which in fact has a lore completely related with Spirit Animals and what you will read below. In case you want to check out, it’s free and no need to download anything. You can also read the story in case you’re interested.

Free Spirit Animals in our World.

There's a legend in Dravalon that all Spirit Animals that are not loved, rejected or abandoned by their partners, usually escape and hide somewhere in nature. For that reason we think that we can actually find Spirit Animals in our world in places like:

  • Beaches
  • Forest
  • Cities
  • Parks
  • Volcanos

Now let’s explain how we think that a Spirit Animal escapes. I don’t know if you have seen a really famous anime where the main character is blond and there are ninjas in the story, well he has a fox inside. Now, at the very beginning he thinks that the Fox (we can say is his spirit animal) is bad and he is actually in a prison and sealed somehow. The main character thought that he only was a problem but in fact the Fox had feelings and eventually he became his partner instead of something that is sharing the soul essence.

Healing and Rescue

The first thing is to know how is your bond with that specific spirit animal. The reason for it is because some spirit animal needs to heal and actually you need to rescue them. They are all faithful, but as with our pets they can get angry at us and feel sad about it. Try doing the following:

How can you find a Free Spirit Animal in Nature?

There are many techniques that are based on the Dravalon Lore, but some of us have tried and it’s actually really fun. Remember that this is for people that truly believe on Spirit Animals and that they may be hidden somewhere. Here are some of the techniques to find a free spirit animal:

  • Use a bait to attract them:

    Energy, your thoughts, imagine it and try to get it. Try also using the stones that are full of energy.
  • Use names:

    In Dravalon, the names are crucial, and the funny thing is that you may be wondering: “How should I call it?”... Well, how would you call your dog, cat or pet? The same applies here, a name that you feel deep inside goes according to them, they will accept it.
  • Treat it as an injured animal:

    Remember that they escaped from their partners because they were not loved and they may be suffering and will not trust another partner easily.
  • Use Your Chakra Color:

    Everything is about the energy and attitude you have, if you are not clear about this, we have one Chakra Color Guide for Spirit Animals that you can read and follow.

Benefits of Free Spirit Animals

Since they have been by their own, mostly the’ve learned survival techniques, and things that will help your individual skills like healing, forgiving, learning, and many others. Your autodidact version of you will be impacted very much.

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