Your Family Ancestry DNA and Spirituality

How it works and reading results.

Usually we look for our zodiac sign, our spirit animal or just our spiritual beings to understand a little bit more about ourselves and who we really are.

But what if I told you that through your vains you have hidden information that maybe you never imagined? Right, our DNA is a big source of information that's relevant for us, and this has been inherited from our ancestors. Isn't that a great connection to our past?

Building your Family Tree

In genealogy, the family tree traces the descendants of a particular person. In the past, you had like inherited stories and things to remember from your great grandfather, but nowadays we have instruments that help us track this down, which is why to start we suggest to use a DNA Test.

Step 1: Our DNA Test Recommendation

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The reason we recommend this bundle is because we feel this option offers a variety of resources related to both genealogy and health. Also it's the most secure, accurate and with the best customer service support.

It also provides a fast result compared to others, with detailed information and it's easy to understand what the test results were and mean.

Step 2: Draft a Family Tree Outline

You can use also tools online, but the basic idea here is for you to draw each node you know or you heard of. You can use a service like lucid chart to start creating this chart.

Step 3: Share it with your family

Since you are gathering information, you need each member of your family to build a specific node they remember or maybe you missed. This is a fun part and you can connect with members of your family using this method.

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